This is a heterocephalus glaber:




Not one of the prettiest of nature’s wonders.  Actually a bit weird-looking (though I happen to think they’re rather cute).  However, they’re also one of the longest-living rodents and there’s never been a recorded case of one getting cancer.  Naked mole-rats: weird-looking, but awesome, and actually kinda cute in the right light. (they do sometimes eat their own poo, but let’s skip over that). Hence the blog title.
(OR maybe I just liked the name.  Glaber sounds like a good word for talking too much, in a similar vein to blether, yammer, and so on.)

As to the blogger, I am not a naked mole-rat, although I can be a bit weird-looking, am only occasionally awesome, probably not exceptionally cancer resistant (although hopefully we’ll never have to test that one out) and I don’t eat my own poo (except perhaps metaphorically?).  I’m a twenty-two-year old Law student from Glasgow; although with any luck in June I’ll be a twenty-two-year old Law graduate from Glasgow.  My main hobby is being exceptionally interested in everything, as long as it doesn’t involve too much effort.  Most of what I blog about is books – I have a book-buying (and reading!) obsession which does not improve my studying habits or bank balance in anyway.  Currently I have in the region of 80 unread physical books in my possession, along with about 90 unread on my e-reader.  I have a problem, I’m aware of it.  Other interests include making lists, music, my pet rats (neither naked nor mole), watching DVDs (of varying quality, and only intermittently owing to possessing a live-in boyfriend whose lack of dedication to the televisual medium is somewhat trying), and generally being a lazy article.  I may exercise occasionally and I should probably take more photos. Oh, I also suffer from moderate anxiety about almost everything that has ever happened to me, but I’m trying to work on that one. But all in good time.  Let’s just see if I can make more than a few posts without abandoning this blog.

Genres I tend to read: classics, literary fiction, mystery, science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, and I do read some young adult, but I don’t find I enjoy all that much of it.


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